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Training and Education

Here you can find all resources regarding
in-person and online training, as well as further education for a wide variety of issues.

Darkness to Light Online and In-Person Training

D2L offers extra training to help support those who wish to further their understanding of the important role administrators play in the young lives of kids and what they can be doing to prevent issues such as sexual abuse: Click Here

Praesidium Online Training and Resources

Armed with this knowledge, Praesidium has built a comprehensive range of products and services to help your organization: Click Here

Dee Norton Center

DNLCC helps provide a wide range of resources and online educational programs for administrators who want to get involved: Click Here  

People Against Rape 

People Against Rape provides education services and immediate care services and support after rape: Click Here

One Love Foundation

The One Love Foundation provides educational resources concerning healthy relationships, including what are normal signs of love and what to do if one is in an abusive relationship: Click Here 

Teen Lures Prevention

Teen Lures Prevention provides educational resources for teen and parents concerning healthy and unhealthy relationships: Click Here

Keeping Every Youth Safe

Keeping Every Youth Safe (KEYS) offers a series of workshops that are designed to educate and prevent bullying, physical abuse, and sexual abuse: Click Here

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