State Guidelines

Here you can find SC state guidelines and laws regarding all issues from abuse to educator conduct. Additionally here you can find Porter-Gaud's code of conduct, handbook, and legal resources.

SC Laws concerning Sexual Assault and Harassment

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson from Charleston County provides the laws regarding sexual assault and harassment: Insert presentation link here

Porter-Gaud Handbook

Throughout the Porter-Gaud handbook you can find the various guidelines and codes Porter-Gaud has in place to prevent child abuse and other issues through administrative staff, full time teachers, and part-time teachers:

Full-time employee handbook: Click Here

Part-time employee handbook: Click Here

Code of Conduct: pages 16-18

Mandated Reporting: pages 24-25

Relationships with Students: page 26

Federal and State Background Checks 

TriCor Employment Screening Services provides resources for deep background checks for future employees: Click Here

SC State Teaching Guidelines

The South Carolina Department of Education provides all the guidelines and laws regarding educators and professional practices in the workplace: Click Here

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